From the acclaimed author of The Gone-Away World - a new riveting action spy thriller, blistering gangster noir, and howling absurdist comedy: a propulsively entertaining tale about a mobster's son and a retired secret agent who are forced to team up to save the world.
All Joe Spork wants is a quiet life. He repairs clockwork and lives above his shop in a wet, unknown bit of London. The bills don't always get paid and he's single and has no prospects of improving his lot, but at least he's not trying to compete with the reputation of Mathew "Tommy Gun" Spork, his infamous criminal dad.
Edie Banister lives quietly and wishes she didn't. She's nearly ninety and remembers when she wasn't. She's a former superspy and now she's... well... old. Worse yet, the things she fought to save don't seem to exist anymore, and she's beginning to wonder if they ever did.
When Joe fixes one particularly unusual device, his life is suddenly upended.
The client is one Edie Banister. And the device? It's a 1950s doomsday machine. And having triggered it, Joe now faces the wrath of both the government and a diabolical South Asian dictator, Edie's old arch-nemesis. With Joe's once-quiet world now populated with mad monks, psychopathic serial killers, scientific geniuses and threats to the future of conscious life in the universe, he realises that the only way to survive is to muster the courage to fight, help Edie complete a mission she gave up years ago, and pick up his father's old gun....
©2012 Nick Harkaway (P)2012 Random House AudioGo
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"Angelmaker is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in ages...a joyful display of reckless, delightful invention, on a par with the rocket-powered novels of Neal Stephenson.... Ideas come zinging in from all corners, and do so with linguistic verve and tremendous humour. ... It’s brilliantly entertaining, and the last hundred pages are pure, unhinged delight. What a splendid ride." (Patrick Ness, Guardian)
"It hangs together so brilliantly…It’s an ambitious, crowded, restless caper, cleverly told and utterly immune to precis…From its frantic oscillation between plausibility and fantasy emerges an odd, unique composite that deserves its own moniker. ...Angelmaker turns out to be a solid work of modern fantasy fiction, coupling credit-crunch anxiety with an understandable nostalgia for the mythical days of “good, wholesome, old-fashioned British crime." (James Purdon, Observer Guardian)
“Angelmaker is an intricate and brilliant piece of escapism, tipping its hat to the twisting plots of John Buchan and H Rider Haggard, the goggles-and-gauntlets Victoriana of the steampunk movement and the labyrinthine secret London’s of Peter Ackroyd and Iain Sinclair, while maintaining an originality, humour and verve all its author’s own… Angelmaker must have been huge fun to write, and it is huge fun to read.” ( Daily Telegraph, five stars)
“Angelmaker is an entertaining tour-de-force that demands to be adored.” ( Independent on Sunday)
“A big, gleefully absurd, huggable bear of a novel…Harkaway’s prose is playful and beguiling, with a keen satiric edge, and that makes all the difference.” ( Slate)
“Sometimes I forget how transfixing it can be to read really great writing… A lot of books are fun to read for the plot; a smaller percentage displays this artful mastery of the language. And precious few manage to do both. Angelmaker falls into that last category. Harkaway plays the English language like a mad virtuoso: he hits all the right notes but isn’t above throwing in a bit of ornamentation and jazzing things up… Angelmaker is like a Quentin Tarantino movie written by Neil Gaiman: larger-than-life characters, dry British humour, a heavy dose of the weird, and a bit macabre; horrendous things wrapped up in gorgeous language.” ( Wired)
"Harkaway’s brilliance in this novel of adventure, love and intrigue is that he enjoys these stories and makes us remember how much we enjoy them... Harkaway has given us, for the second time, a box of delights." ( Independent)
"Harkaway shares Dickens’s eye for the ridiculous, as well as his ability to move from absurdity to pathos within the space of a sentence…Angelmaker is an adult version of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy…" ( Literary Review)
"What kind of a mind dreams up Angelmaker, a nutty, sprawling sprint to save the world from a sinister cabal of veiled monks who want to unleash a clockwork book that could bring an end to conscious life in the universe…It could only be Nick Harkaway: bonkers, brilliant and hilarious… Effervescent, clever and entirely fantastic." ( Sunday Times)
“A dazzling story..a witty and wonderfully sprawling fantastical thriller.” ( Irish Times - Summer Reads)
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3 out of 5 stars
Von Ursula Am hilfreichsten 15.03.2017

Finde es langweilig und uninspiriert

Ich bin der größte Fan von "Gone away world". Hab lange überlegt, ob Angelmaker dem wohl das Wasser reichen kann und bin enttäuscht. Irgendwie kam ich in die Story nicht rein, die Hauptfigur ist am Anfang ein Langweiler und dann mutiert sie am Ende völlig unerwartet zum Profigangster? Naja, da mich die Story nicht fesseln konnte, hab ich einiges auch einfach überhört, hab teilweise zigmal zurückgespult um dann festzustellen, dass ich einfach nicht zuhören konnte. Die Edi Bannister Teile sind nett. Aber insgesamt würde ich es nicht weiterempfehlen.

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5 out of 5 stars
Von Kindle Customer Am hilfreichsten 28.09.2016


Wow, the Audio book is even better than the printed version! No doubt this is the best one I ever listened to. Great story and matching performance, highly recommend!

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