Building Mental Toughness in Sport

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Building Mental Toughness in Sport: An Introduction into Sports Psychology for Athletes.
The power to become better, greater, more refined versions of ourselves is something that each one of us possesses. It is a power with which we are born, like infinite gold inside the equally infinite mine shafts that are our minds. Now, to get at that gold - there is the rub. Since time immemorial people have struggled to manage the darkness within themselves. How do we reckon our possibilities with our capabilities? How do we overcome the difficulties within? How do we shake off the invisible sandbags that seem to drag us down and run faster, jump higher, push harder?
The answers to these questions and more lie within the audio of Building Mental Toughness in Sport, Benjamin Bonetti's groundbreaking self-development text that will take you further into the depths of yourself than you have ever gone before. Find your imperfections and then blast them away: this audiobook will show you the way and put you on a path toward reaching your ultimate potential. All you must do is follow the instructions contained herein and perform the exercises, and improvement can be yours. This is the next chapter of your athletic career. Are you ready to begin?
Benjamin Bonetti is a leading sports performance coach and author of several best-selling books, including the UK's best-selling How to Stress Less and How to Change Your Life.
"This introduction into increasing mental toughness is not designed to be the sole solution to your search for betterment but a thought-provoking tool. It is a snippet of what's available in our more comprehensive coaching platforms or The New Encyclopedia of Sports Psychology. (Benjamin)
Bonus material included: 20-minute endurance coach meditation.


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