Paul Krugman in Conversation with Leonard Lopate

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Economist Paul Krugman examines the past 80 years of American history, focusing on economic reforms and achievements and what he sees as increased inequality in our society. The best-selling author of The Great Unraveling, Krugman weaves together three generations of history with political, social, and economic analyses in his most recent book. Leonard Lopate is the host of The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC radio. Listen to Paul Krugman's The Conscience of a Liberal.


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In this 2007 program from the 92nd Street Y, star economist and liberal provocateur Paul Krugman joins radio host and award-winning interviewer Leonard Lopate in a discussion about American economic history. Krugman states that he always had ambitions to be a historian and in The Conscience of a Liberal he got the opportunity to explain the widening income gaps of the 20th century. Krugman is opinionated and vivacious and it is easy to understand why he has excelled at classroom teaching over the years. Comparing the Bush Administration to the Nixon Administration, the economist does not shy away from the inflammatory statements that have made him such a controversial columnist for the New York Times.


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Prophetic view on market

It is strange to now in 2017 listen to a talk before the recession started with the fall if the Lehman Brothers, and also touching to hear the warnings of Paul Krugman on it in 2007.
Humorous and also ironic discussion that gives insight on the why and how of the recession and of the analysis and forecasts if a real good economist
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- Octavia Gentemann-Schmidt

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 22.02.2008
  • Verlag: 92nd Street Y