Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth

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Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion created a storm of controversy over the question of God's existence. Now, in The Greatest Show on Earth, Dawkins presents a stunning counterattack against advocates of "Intelligent Design" that explains the evidence for evolution while keeping an eye trained on the absurdities of the creationist argument. Richard Dawkins, speaking before a live audience at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley, in Berkeley, CA, on October 7, 2009.


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More than an argument of his own, it's a thrilling tour into our distant past and into the interstices of life on earth. Taking us through the case for evolution step-by-step, Dawkins looks at DNA, selective breeding, anatomical similarities, molecular family trees, geography, time, fossils, vestiges and imperfections, human evolution, and the formula for a strong scientific theory. Recorded live in Berkeley, CA on October 7, 2009.


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