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Timberwolf Press presents an exciting series of writer's workshops and panels, designed to educate, motivate, and enlighten both the novice writer and the experienced author. These panels are conducted by Timberwolf's experienced publishers, editors, authors, legal counsel, and guest panel members. Hear it straight from the publishing industry insiders.This compilation includes seminars on Writing 101, Writing Exciting!, Writer's Legal Workshop, Publish or Persist, Building Characters, and Plotting and Planning.The panelists include Bill Baldwin, New York Times best-selling author of the Helmsman series; Ron Miller, Hugo Book of the Year and Violet Crown Award winning author and illustrator; Lillian Stewart Carl, author of eight novels and numerous short stories of mystery, suspense, romance, fantasy, & science fiction; Denise Tiller, author of Calculated Risk, Life, Health, and Annuity Reinsurance; Carol Woods, Senior Editor, Timberwolf Press; S.P. Swartz, Attorney at Law, Chief Legal Counsel for Timberwolf Press; Jim Cline, author of A Small Percentage, co-author of Website Sound, Producer and Chief Technology Officer, Timberwolf Press; Patrick Seaman, CEO, Timberwolf Press.


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If you're a seasoned writer: Don't buy this title - it's full of common place knowledge and advice that you know already. I'm not seasoned but in the complete 7hour tape, I only found one idea new to me that I could actually use.

If you're a new writer: Don't buy this title - it has some advice, yes, BUT this advice is given in rather general ways without getting into specifics that might actually be useful (of course you want to create larger than life yet realistic characters - only how to do that is not really explained, and yes, you want to surprise your reader in a way that still makes some sort of sense - again, however, it's not explained how you do it) and in a way that you're left with don'ts, don'ts, and don'ts (the 'do your homework'-type (whatever homework means at that particular time)) ... In essence, this audiotape gives a list of things that some (maybe many) people are looking for in a 'good story', but little insight into how to get there.

Truly, if you want to learn about writing, read a good book (or a better book about writing than this one, there are great ones also here at audible), and leave this sure recepy for demotivation alone. Because that's what it is - creating an impossibly high but terribly vague standard that teaches you little but makes your motivation go down the drain because everything will sound soooo difficult to accomplish.
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