Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself

  • von David Lipsky
  • Sprecher: Mike Chamberlain, Danny Campbell
  • 10 Std. 41 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


An indelible portrait of David Foster Wallace, by turns funny and inspiring, based on a five-day trip with award-winning writer David Lipsky during Wallace's Infinite Jest tour.
In David Lipsky's view, David Foster Wallace was the best young writer in America. Wallace's pieces for Harper's magazine in the '90s were, according to Lipsky, like hearing for the first time the brain voice of everybody I knew: Here was how we all talked, experienced, thought. It was like smelling the damp in the air, seeing the first flash from a storm a mile away. You knew something gigantic was coming.
Then Rolling Stone sent Lipsky to join Wallace on the last leg of his book tour for Infinite Jest, the novel that made him internationally famous. They lose to each other at chess. They get iced-in at an airport. They dash to Chicago to catch a make-up flight. They endure a terrible reader's escort in Minneapolis. Wallace does a reading, a signing, an NPR appearance. Wallace gives in and imbibes titanic amounts of hotel television (what he calls an orgy of spectation). They fly back to Illinois, drive home, walk Wallace's dogs.
Amid these everyday events, Wallace tells Lipsky remarkable things: everything he can about his life, how he feels, what he thinks, what terrifies and fascinates and confounds him, in the writing voice Lipsky had come to love. Lipsky took notes, stopped envying him, and came to feel about him that grateful, awake feeling the same way he felt about Infinite Jest. Then Lipsky heads to the airport, and Wallace goes to a dance at a Baptist church.
A biography in five days, Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself is David Foster Wallace as few experienced this great American writer.



"Lipsky vividly and incisively sets the before-and-after scenes for this revelatory oral history....Wallace is radiantly present in this intimate portrait, a generous and refined work that will sustain Wallace's masterful and innovative books long into the future." ( Booklist)


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Tolle Reportage

David Lipsky hat David Foster Wallace für eine Reportage für das Rolling Stone Magazin getroffen und auf einer Lesetour begleitet. Nach dem Selbstmord des Starautors hat Lipsky seine Reportage dann zu einem Buch erweitert. Es ist ein mitreissender Text, der viele Interviewpassagen mit Foster Wallace enthält. Eine sehr gelungene Annäherung an den früh vollendeten und zu früh gestorbenen Schriftsteller. Auch eine Art Homage. Das ist vielleicht das einzige, was man Lipsky vorhalten könnte: dass er den Gegenstand seiner Beschreibung zu sehr bewundert.
Ansonsten uneingeschränkt empfehlenswert!
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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.04.2010
  • Verlag: Random House Audio