John Huss: His Life, Teachings And Death

  • von David . Schaff
  • Sprecher: Dan Kassis
  • 11 Std. 15 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


In the tumultuous and rapidly changing climate of the 15th century, John Huss of Bohemia made a greater impact on Europe and the Christian church than any other man. With his abstract view of the scriptures and his confrontational relationship with the Church, he shook the world in his day like no other.Follow along with historian David Schaff as he tells the gripping story of John Huss, who mounted the world scene at the height of the controversy between the Catholic Church and the ever-growing views of the English reformer and teacher, John Wycliffe. Huss was a man struggling to find righteousness, in doing so he also tried to lead others in the same truth which he had found. Standing true to his convictions even unto death, John Huss became one of the greatest influences on Martin Luther in his struggle to bring reform to the Roman Church. After stumbling upon Huss' writings, Luther said, "I was overwhelmed with astonishment. I could not understand for what cause they had burnt so great a man, who explained the scriptures with so much gravity and skill."
Journey back in time and discover not only the theological but the personal side of John Huss and see what made him the greatest man in the 15th century.


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