The Making of Donald Trump

  • von David Cay Johnston
  • Sprecher: Joe Barrett
  • 5 Std. 47 Min.
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The culmination of nearly 30 years of reporting on Donald Trump, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston takes a revealingly close look at the mogul's rise to power and prominence.
Covering the long arc of Trump's career, Johnston tells the full story of how a boy from a quiet section of Queens, New York, would become an entirely new and complex breed of public figure. Trump is a man of great media savvy, entrepreneurial spirit, and political clout. Yet, his career has been plagued by legal troubles and mounting controversy. From the origins of his family's real estate fortune to his own too-big-to-fail business empire; from his education and early career to his whirlwind presidential bid, The Making of Donald Trump provides the fullest picture yet of Trump's extraordinary ascendency.
Love him or hate him, Trump's massive influence is undeniable, and figures as diverse as Woody Guthrie (who wrote a scathing song about Trump's father) and Red Scare prosecutor Roy Cohn, mob bosses and high rollers, as well as the average American voter, have all been pulled into his orbit. Drawing on decades of interviews, financial records, court documents, and public statements, David Cay Johnston, who has covered Trump more closely than any other journalist working today, gives us the most in-depth look yet at the man who would be president.


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Trump fans will hate that book. But then again Trump fans are no book readers and certainly not interested in any facts about their idol.
However, if you want to know who that guy is who stumbles from scandal to scandal and creates new enemies by the hour, then read this book. It shows in painstakingly assembled details and an easy-to-read style how the family fortune was accumulated from the very beginning through illegal and criminal activities, how grandfather, father and son have faithfully followed the motto: Why make an effort if you can just as well deceive, cheat and defraud others and make money in the process? It also shows that bullying has been Trump’s favorite pastime ever since he was a child. Only the methods developed from throwing stones at a toddler to threatening people with lawsuits and politicians with twitter feeds.
And this is precisely what gives this book its credibility. If there had been anything in it that Donald Trump’s army of lawyers could have disproved, Trump would have sued as he did in other cases. What has surprised me time and again since I listened to that biography is that the news unveils now sensational facts about the bully in the White House which have been told extensively in this book when it first came out many years ago.
When you have read that book, you will know all you need in order to understand the goings-on in the White House and predict the future behavior of a man whose unscrupulous, egocentric character is a constant, hiding behind a mask of empty, populist slogans and lies. You will also understand that running for and becoming the president was perhaps his biggest mistake ever as now not only Robert Mueller but also an army of amateur detectives will look into his affairs where they will have a field day with all the illegal and frankly criminal activities he was able to keep at bay in the past through court cases and sealed settlements. From his first days in office people in his entourage have leaked to the press as never before and while he keeps attacking everyone and blaming others for his shortcomings he will create more leaking all around.
The book states a number of court cases in which the judgment seemed extremely biased with Trump even bragging about paying off relevant officials. If only some of them are exposed as unduly influenced, the Republicans will drop him in order to save their own political credibility.

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