Agile Project Management Box Set

  • von Paul Vii
  • Sprecher: Scott Clem, Randal Schaffer
  • 1 Std. 17 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


The scrum framework brings structure and order to a project in a chaotic, fast-paced environment. It delivers a shippable increment of the product after each sprint and allows a business to increase return on investment through prioritization. As long as the scrum rules are carried out as its creators intended the results are phenomenal and business value is realized. However what happens when the business requires greater output, many related projects to be synchronized to a deadline or a coordinated technical solution? This is where the Scrum-of-scrums technique comes into its own.
The Scrum of scrums is a method of coordinating teams and is used to grow and synchronize the scrum framework within a company to huge scale. As a scrum master I have used this technique to great effect in order to keep complex inter-related projects in sync. I have also noticed many "dos and don'ts" that I will share with you. When you have listened to this book, you will fully understand:

What the scrum of scrum technique is
How it will benefit you and your organization
Learning and tips from an industry expert that you can apply to your everyday work


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