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How to use the hidden economy to your advantage! Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Nxt - perhaps you've heard of these new forms of digital currency. The underpinning technology in each one of these currencies is the same; they are all built around the phenomena of blockchain. Blockchain is a technology which allows for new currencies to be created without a central bank to monitor the inflation and distribution. What this means for people like you and me is that there is an opportunity to generate income from "mining" these new currencies. By having computers solve complicated equations, regular people can contribute to these mini economies by generating their own "coins". These coins can then be exchanged for more traditional government backed currencies.
You no doubt have many questions about how blockchain technology works, but paramount among these questions is: how can I earn income with digital currencies? This book aims to answer this exact question and provide you with all of the base knowledge you need to get started. By the time you have completed this book, you will have a fundamental understanding of blockchain currencies, know which currencies are good for mining, have a guide to get you started in building your mining farm, and know exactly what to look for to cash out at the optimal time for maximum profit.
You may have thought that the time has passed to get invested in blockchain currencies, but the truth is that there is still plenty of money to be made. Start listening and soon you will know how to use this exciting technology to create profit for you and your family.
In this book you will find:

An easy to understand guide for earning income easily by using blockchain based currencies
A short history of blockchain technology and how it functions
A guide for how to generate profit using blockchain currencies
Practical tips for how you can setup


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