Brands and Bulls**t.

  • von Bernhard Schroeder
  • Sprecher: Bernhard Schroeder, Sean Pratt
  • 6 Std. 12 Min.
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As a digital marketer, are you marketing banner ads or building brands? Do you even know what a brand decision tree or a category ladder is? Probably not. Well, it's not your fault. You most likely grew up inside of a digital marketing environment. You had no brand mentor. However, your future career success depends on your ability to grow from being a digital marketer to becoming a brand expert.
Brands and Bulls**t. strips away the mystery of branding and gives you a branding primer necessary for every digital marketer. This new branding audiobook offers you the insight and tools to learn how to excel at marketing strategy and branding. It is filled with over 20 years of expertise working with some of the best brands and branding experts in the world. Add wisdom, knowledge and value to your marketing career. This audiobook will help you:

Understand what branding in a digital world really means
Learn how to create a powerful brand that creates a customer "feeling"
Create specific brand strategies that really work in the marketplace
Review 10 possible brand strategies and understand their potential
Understand how positioning and category ladders work and why
Utilize tools like brand decision trees to simplify complex brand choices
Create a branding strategy for a client or company that targets a blue ocean
Begin to comprehend the new four P's of marketing and their impact
Learn how to quickly create a brand plan with the BrandPlanr

Whether you work at a brand or work in an agency, you need to understand exactly how to build and lead a brand. You need to believe that to be a great marketer, you just need more branding insight and tools. And you definitely need to understand the difference between branding and bulls**t. Achieve the marketing career you deserve. This is the branding primer every digital marketer has been waiting for. Enjoy.


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