Business and Sales Success Hypnosis Compilation

  • von Erick Brown
  • Sprecher: Erick Brown
  • 9 Std. 46 Min.
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You have the power to create an incredible career and professional life for yourself, and now you can today with this new hypnosis collection from Erick Brown, Business and Sales Success HypnosisCompilation. This collection of hypnosis albums includes five full-length programs specifically designed to help you create positive, proactive thinking,focus and determination for success, and help with time management and confidence.
The collection includes the followingtracks:

Track 1:  Hypnosis Instructions
Track 2:  “Be Magnetic and Charismatic” Beach Induction
Track 3:  “Be Magnetic and Charismatic” Staircase Induction
Track 4:  “Be Magnetic and Charismatic” Speed Induction
Track 5:  “Time Management” Beach Induction
Track 6:  “Time Management” Staircase Induction
Track 7:  “Time Management” Speed Induction
Track 8:  “Create Your Own Success” Beach Induction
Track 9:  “Create Your Own Success” Staircase Induction
Track 10:  “Create Your Own Success Speed Induction
Track 11:  “Total Determination” Beach Induction
Track 12:  “Total Determination” Staircase Induction
Track 13:  “Total Determination” Speed Induction
Track 14:  “BusinessSuccess: Take Charge of Your Career” Beach Induction
Track 15:  “BusinessSuccess: Take Charge of Your Career” Staircase Induction
Track 16:  “Business Success: Take Charge of Your Career” SpeedInduction

Erick Brown is a Certified MasterHypnotherapist who is dedicated to enriching your quality of life throughhypnosis and meditation. Whether it's changing bad habits, improving yourhealth and self-esteem, or learning new business skills, Erick Brown's hypnosisrecordings help you accomplish your goals, business and personal, withhypnosis.
These audio programs tackle the root of yourpersonal block and obstacles, freeing yourself from the negativity in your pastby releasing painful emotional baggage and beliefs, and then helping you toembrace empowering affirmations and beliefs.
Don't wait another day to create theprofessional life you've always wanted. Get motivated, be proactive, and launchyour career to the next level with hypnosis.


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 22.03.2013
  • Verlag: Hypnosis & Subliminal LLC