Competitive Strategy Winning Strategies

  • von Ace McCloud
  • Sprecher: Joshua Mackey
  • 2 Std. 21 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Are you tired of losing? Do you wish you knew what to do in those critical situations?
Whether you want to (1) blow the competition out of the water, (2) boost your confidence, or just (3) start winning more often, this audiobook will get you there.
Do you find it hard to think of yourself as a winner?
Even successful athletes can struggle with blows to their self-confidence. Learn proven strategies that can help you confidently make the right decisions when it counts!
Develop winning habits that are proven to succeed.
Set yourself up to win consistently by laying a groundwork of contributing habits. Discover the empowering force of good habits, proper training and positive affirmations to compete well when the time comes.
Fuel your competitive passion.
It always helps when you can harness the energy of your competitive nature to get things done. Organize your life for peak competitive performance. Learn how to identify and remove negative influences and replace them with positive alternatives. Discover how to eliminate negative self-talk and program your mind to expect success.
Are you ready to start feeling the joy of victory on a consistent basis?
In this audiobook you will learn how to identify and remove any hindrances that may stand in your way and how to stride into each challenge, head up, with confidence and a strong desire to compete at your highest level.
Increase your confidence, skills and winning percentages!
Give yourself the competitive advantage: buy it now!


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Für wen - wenn nicht gerade für Sie - ist dieses Hörbuch besser geeignet?

First of all the title of this book is very misleading. The author deals with strategy only superficially, and the concept of strategy seems to be misunderstood or at least used very loosely. Other than that the author deals with plenty of themes such as strength training, sleep, healthy food, forgiving other people, how to avoid conflicts as this is probably kind of self-help book. If you are looking for general truths that can be used to improve your life, this book is for you. However, I will not recommend this book to my friends, and I will try to return it back to audible.

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- Branislav

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 28.08.2015
  • Verlag: Pro Mastery Publishing