Don't Pull the Chicken Switch

  • von Kit Allowitz
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According to the American Psychological Association's Stress in America Survey, a majority of people cite lack of "willpower" as the number one reason for the inability to make the changes needed to achieve their desired outcomes in life. Who hasn't chickened out on getting something they wanted or needed? 
This book is about willpower. It offers strategies to tap into self-discipline, allowing for improved follow-through on commitments and achieving what you truly want. When you don't do what you say, when you give up or just cave, that behavior is called pulling the Chicken Switch. 
Rather than just offering a plethora of case studies and checklists on willpower, Don't Pull the Chicken Switch is a fun, engaging, and relevant story. The story highlights a company's executive team's personal willpower challenges, some of the most frequent human willpower challenges faced, that when identified, addressed, and then conquered propel the executive team members individual productivity and power. This then propels their respective departments and employee personnel to new willpower, productive, and effectiveness heights. 
In story form, backed with factual data about willpower, explore the physiological and psychological stimuli that affect pulling the Chicken Switch. Pulling the Chicken Switch can be avoided. Sometimes we pull it knowingly, other times we trigger it subconsciously. To not pull the Chicken Switch takes willpower. If you understand that willpower is a product of what you believe, while managing your physiological and psychological systems, you can fend off pulling the Chicken Switch and get everything you want out of life. 
This book is for leaders. Organizational leaders. Team leaders. Community leaders. Individual leaders. You.  


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