Getting Your Web Sites to the Top of the Search Engines

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You can dramatically increase your cash flow if you could just improve how people find your products and services. Your web site copy and design are key, yet how do prospects find your site? Through search engines. Knowing how to get your site into Google's top 10 search results requires search-engine optimization (SEO). And knowing how your site can close the deal is critical. Steve Mertz will tell you how, as well as pointing out the most common mistakes and how to prevent them.
Steve speaks in English, not techno-babble, so you won't be overwhelmed with terms you don't know. He suggests (and wishes he could insist) that your webmaster listen as well. But don't just download this for your webmaster; you need to know how to create the strategy and make sure he or she is doing what will propel your business to the top of Google's search results.
You will learn:

How to determine if your webmaster has any idea about SEO
How to figure out what categories you want to dominate
How to use the best tools for cracking the top 10 results for a Google search on your topic
How your page can be optimized to put more money in your pocket
What tools you need to monitor your results
What page ranking is, why should you care, and how you can raise yours.
Note: This is a live recording of an interview-format teleseminar focused on information that would be valuable for speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches, and other information entrepreneurs. It was recorded via telephone.


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