Habits of the Super Rich: Find Out How Rich People Think and Act Differently

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Have you ever wondered what separated you from the highly successful people?
Is it because of their "luck"? Or could it be they were in the right place at the right time? While many people believe at least one of those circumstances to be the case, the truth of the matter is that the only difference which separates the highly successful from the rest of us is their daily routine and their mindset. It all can be summed up into one word: Habits.
Those who are sitting on the top of their game created a routine or a series of habits that nearly ensured their success. Not only that, but in many cases they transformed their bad habits into long-lasting good habits.
Discover: The Power of Your Habits
Whether you realize it or not, your subconscious mind is always working, creating the world that you're telling it you see for yourself. There are universal laws governing the direction of our actions every day. Those who are attaining their dreams, achieving the success they envision, and are experiencing abundance on a daily basis have learned how to make the universe work for them and not against them. With the help of this book, you can take the universal laws and align them with your subconscious to discover any series of habits, so you can easily attain your long-held goals.
Learn: Habits of Highly Successful People
In this book, inspired and based upon many of the classic self-help books, like "Think and Grow Rich", you'll not only learn the secret habits of the wildly successful, but you'll discover the quickest way to implement them. You'll also learn in the process, what is causing your current situation, and how you can begin to change it around immediately.


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Gute Tipps zur Entwicklung neuer Gewohnheiten!

bis auf den "Mantra- / Universum und Gruppenmeditationsteil" mit teilweise buddhistisch- philisophischem Gedankengut fand ich die Tipps extrem gut, speziell die Hinterfragung der eigenen Gedanken zum Thema "Wohlstand / Reichtum". Die Übungen entlarven was Ängste, Ausreden und legitime Gründe dafür sein können warum man noch nicht reich ist und wie man nun vorgeht. Das Hörbuch hilft Entscheidungen zu treffen und "on track bleiben".
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- MoJo

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