How to Build Network Marketing Leaders

  • von Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
  • Sprecher: Dan Culhane
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Do you want to be a leader? Or, do you want more leaders on your network marketing team?
The strength of your network marketing business is measured in "leaders" - not in the number of distributors. Leaders are the long-term foundation of your business.
Everyone says they want to have more leaders, but how?

How does one find leaders?
How does one create leaders?
What are the things we need to teach ordinary distributors to do in order to become leaders?
Successful leaders have a plan. They want to duplicate themselves as leaders. This plan doesn't happen by accident. Follow this plan. Instead of wishing and hoping for leaders, this audiobook will give you the step-by-step activities to actually create leaders. Yes, there is a plan for building leaders, and it is simple to follow. Discover how to give ordinary distributors a leadership test to determine if they are ready to enter the path of leadership. Then, learn how to start their learning process with the biggest leadership lesson of all: problems.
When you have an organization of leaders, network marketing gets easier. Instead of spending the day with repetitive activities with distributors, you will enjoy the free time this business offers. Spend the time to build and create leaders, and then you will have the freedom to visit the beaches of the world.
This is the perfect audiobook to lend to a new distributor who wants to build a long-term MLM business, and would like to know exactly how to build it. Creating network marketing leaders should be the focus of every business-builder.


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Also ich muss sagen das ist ein super hörbuch und ich werde es auch jedem leader empfehlen der es noch nicht kennt!
Top !
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- Nancy


and Great to unterstand. I recomend this to everyone who is an Entrepreneur. succesful Marketing
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- Julian

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