Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

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The New York Times bestseller, which for 10 years has been a must-have for women in business, is now completely revised and updated. In this new edition, internationally recognized executive coach Lois P. Frankel reveals a distinctive set of behaviors-over 130 in all-that women learn in girlhood that ultimately sabotage them as adults. She teaches you how to eliminate these unconscious mistakes that could be holding you back and offers invaluable coaching tips that can easily be incorporated into your social and business skills. The results for hundreds of thousands of women have been career opportunities they never thought possible - at every stage of their career, from entry-level to the corner office! Stop making "nice girl" errors that can become career pitfalls, such as:

Mistake #13: Avoiding office politics.
If you don't play the game, you can't possibly win.
Mistake #21: Multi-tasking.
Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do it.
Mistake #54: Failure to negotiate.
Don't equate negotiation with confrontation.
Mistake #70: Inappropriate use of social media.
Once it's out there, it's hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube.
Mistake #82: Asking permission. Children, not adults, ask for approval. Be direct, be confident.

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"This audiobook is filled with something you or one of your friends do every day…A simple, quick guide to presenting ourselves as the strong and bold women we are." (Gail Evans, author of She Wins, You Win and Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman)
"Any woman intent on getting ahead in the corporate world should listen to this book. It's a fascinating crash course in image, influence, and communication, from an accomplished and insightful coach. Terrific stuff!" (Anne Fisher, senior writer, Fortune, and "Ask Annie" career columnist,


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Nicht mein Stil

Einige Tipps aus diesem Buch sind sicher hilfreich beispielsweise, dass Frauen sich von ihrer Erziehung emanzipieren müssen. Andere wiederum halte ich für etwas aus der Zeit gefallen, zum Beispiel, wie eine Frau Haare und Make-up zu tragen haben. Ich hätte mir eher Tipps gewünscht, die allgemeiner gehalten sind und weniger darauf abzielen, wie Frauen sich so stark wie möglich den existierenden "Normen" anpassen sollten. Jeder kann Karriere machen und das auf seine Art und Weise.
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- Sandra

Nichts für mich

Ich habe ein Problem mit vielen der Thesen, die Lois P. Frankel vertritt, wie z.B. dass man eine Brille aufsetzen soll, wenn man ernster genommen will. Ihr Grundton ist: Du sollst dich verbiegen, sei mehr wie ein Mann. Und das gefällt mir nicht.
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- Jutta Eliks

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