• von Adam Grant, Sheryl Sandberg - foreword
  • Sprecher: Fred Sanders
  • 10 Std. 1 Min.
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The New York Times best-selling author examines how people can drive creative, moral and organisational progress - and how leaders can encourage originality in their organisations.
How can we originate new ideas, policies and practices without risking it all? Adam Grant shows how to improve the world by championing novel ideas and values that go against the grain, battling conformity and bucking outdated traditions.
Using surprising studies and stories spanning business, politics, sports and entertainment, Grant explores how to recognize a good idea, speak up without getting silenced, build a coalition of allies, choose the right time to act and manage fear and doubt. Parents will learn how to nurture originality in children, and leaders will discover how to fight groupthink to build cultures that welcome dissent.
Told through dazzling case studies of people going against the grain, you'll encounter an entrepreneur who pitches the reasons not to invest, a woman at Apple who challenged Steve Jobs from three levels below, an analyst who challenged secrecy at the CIA, a billionaire financial wizard who fires employees who don't criticize him and the TV executive who saved Seinfeld from the cutting room floor. Originals will give you groundbreaking insights about rejecting conformity and how to change the world.



" Originals is one of the most important and captivating books I have ever read, full of surprising and powerful ideas. It will not only change the way you see the world; it might just change the way you live your life. And it could very well inspire you to change your world." (Sheryl Sandberg, best-selling author of Lean In)


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interessantes Thema mit unnötigem Erziehungsteil

An sich ein Interessantes Thema und auch gut geschriebenes Buch. Leider kommt hat das Buch auch die ein oder andere Schwäche.
Sehr gut finde ich die Zusammenfassung am Ende und das Kapitel über Idee-Generierung.
Deutlich unitnteressanter fände ich die Kapitel über die Wiederstandskämpfer und Kindererziehung. Daher ziehe ich die 2 Sterne für mich ab. Jeden der diese auch interessant findet sollte bei dem Buch auf jeden Fall Zuschlagen. Bei allen anderen sollte es vllt eher in eure B-Liste gehen.
Lesen Sie weiter...

- Chris

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 23.06.2016
  • Verlag: Random House AudioBooks