Permission Marketing

  • von Seth Godin
  • Sprecher: Seth Godin
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The man Business Week calls "the ultimate entrepreneur for the information age" explains "Permission Marketing" - the groundbreaking concept that enables marketers to shape their message so that consumers will willingly accept it. Does every single marketing effort you create encourage a learning relationship with your customers? Does it invite customers to "raise their hands" and start communicating? Do you have a permission database? Do you track the number of people who have given you permission to communicate with them? If consumers gave you permission to talk to them would you have anything to say? Have you developed a marketing curriculum to teach people about your products? Instead of annoying potential customers by interrupting their most coveted commodity - time - Permission Marketing offers consumers incentives to accept advertising voluntarily. Godin demonstrates how marketers are already profiting from this key new approach in all forms of media.


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Eye opening

Message leaving you with the following thought: if everyone would do marketing strategy this way, people would have much more time at their hands, overall customer satisfaction woukd improve, and marketers everywhere would have a clear an authentic measure of the efficiency of their program, and how to get even more out of it!
definitely recommend
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- Yves Moecher

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