Prescription for Excellence

  • von Joseph Michelli
  • Sprecher: Tony Craine
  • 9 Std. 36 Min.
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Joseph Michelli, author of The Starbucks Experience and The New Gold Standard, is among the world's top authorities on the principles of creating an organizational culture dedicated to service excellence. In these best-selling books, he examines how leading service companies dominate their respective industries with innovative customer experience strategies.
Now, Michelli turns his attention to one of the most complex, controversial, and critical industries - healthcare.
In Prescription for Excellence, Michelli provides an inside look at an organization that has become the envy of its industry - and explains how you can dominate your own industry by using the same approach.
UCLA Health System is revered worldwide for its top-tier patient/customer care. Great physicians, nurses, researchers, and staff are only part of the equation; UCLA's overall success is a result of organization-wide collaboration that is driven by leaders with a shared vision of unyielding excellence. Michelli breaks down UCLA's approach into five simple principles:

Commit to Care
Leave No Room for Error
Make the Best Better
Create the Future
Service Serves Us
From administrative offices to operating rooms to research centers, continued adherence to these five principles has guided UCLA to financial strength, social significance, and sustainability.
The best part is that these principles translate to any industry, so you, too, can achieve similar goals. Michelli gives you the tools to adapt UCLA's ideas, systems, and leadership principles into your own best practices. Whether it is a healthcare organization, a financial institution, or a neighborhood hair salon, good business begins and ends with customer connection. When all workers in an organization focus on providing quality care for those they serve, success inevitably follows.
Business is always personal; UCLA's leadership ensures that this simple truth drives every UCLA employee, every day. Apply the lessons Michelli spells out in Prescription for Excellence to create a system that ensures that your people take business personally, day in and day out.



"Most leadership authors describe how to apply common-sense principles. Michelli is a notable exception. He artfully describes the compelling, uncommon leadership practices that transformed UCLA Health System. The resulting lessons are plentiful and powerful for today's business leader." (Lee J. Colan, Ph.D., author of Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence)
"With clear purpose, unwavering principles, and steadfast leadership, the people at UCLA have established a new bar, a compelling promise, for what healthcare can and should be.' (David M. Lawrence, M.D., former CEO, Kaiser Permanente)


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Interessant aber sehr UCLA-Healthcare-lastig

Ich war auf der Suche nach einem Buch, welches sich intensiv mit dem Thema "Customer Experience" befasst. Dies ist hier der Fall, jedoch wird in epischer Breite auf die beeindruckende Leistungsfähigkeit von UCLA eingegangen. Es gibt eine Vielzahl von beeindruckenden und zum Teil auch sehr bewegenden Beispielen von vorbildlicher Customer Experience. Dabei habe ich auch immer mal wieder feuchte Augen bekommen, da die Hilfe in Not oft auch eine Herzenssache ist. Zugleich gibt es aber auch unglaubliche viele Abkürzungen und die Auflistung von persönlichen Titeln, die z.T. ermüdend langwierig sind.
Insgesamt gesehen ein gutes Buch, welches locker 4 Stunden kürzer sein dürfte, wenn man sich nur für "Customer Experience" und nicht für das vorbildliche UCLA allein interessiert.
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- Marc

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 17.10.2012
  • Verlag: McGraw-Hill Education