Speak to Win

  • von Brian Tracy
  • Sprecher: Brian Tracy
  • 5 Std. 13 Min.
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In Speak to Win, Tracy tells you how to master the art of the winning speech - and use it to achieve your most impossible-seeming goals! Phenomenally successful people know that speaking well can help them gain the respect of others, make them tremendously more valuable to their company, and get them positive, enthusiastic attention from influential people who can open important doors for their life and career.
Your ability to confidently address an audience of any size or type is the key to supercharging your ascent up the ladder of life - not to mention that people who speak and present well are instantly and naturally assumed to be more talented and intelligent than those who don't.
The art of speaking can be systematically learned, and if you have the desire, discipline, and determination - not to mention one of the world's greatest presenters as your teacher - you too can become a persuasive and powerful speaker. Tracy reveals time-tested tricks of the trade you can use to present powerfully and speak persuasively, whether in an informal meeting or in front of a large group of people.
Learn how to:

Become confident, positive, and relaxed in front of any audience

Grab people's attention from the start

Use body language, props, and vocal techniques to keep listeners engaged

Transition smoothly from one point to the next
Use humor, stories, quotes, and questions skillfully

Deal with skepticism when presenting new ideas

Wrap up strongly and persuasivelyPacked with proven strategies - and even including a special bonus chapter geared to making persuasive sales presentations - this powerful audiobook will help you accelerate your career, earn people's respect, and achieve your greatest goals.


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Standing ovation for Mr. Tracy

Brian Tracy covers the whole range of professional speaking: preparing a speech, introduction, ending, body language, rhetoric, death by powerpoint, preparing the room, why hotels always lie and much more.
I got many inspirations from this book and if you are interested to speak in public, then I suppose this book will be right for you.
One word of warning: Brian Tracy thinks, that the way to excellent speaking is simply to prepare extraordinary well and to practise over and over again. So it is not one of these "60 minutes to perfect speaking" attitudes.
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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 20.11.2008
  • Verlag: Gildan Media, LLC