Success: The Natural Series

  • von Andre Taylor
  • Sprecher: Andre Taylor
  • 5 Std. 39 Min.
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André Taylor is an accomplished, award-winning business leader and one of today’s dynamic voices on personal and professional success. From Wall Street to Main Street he's led and built successful companies for decades and advises high-potential individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders around the world. If you want a comprehensive discussion of success principles and how to apply these principles in multiple areas, you’ll enjoy this extraordinary collection. Success: The Natural Series includes four powerful titles:

The Natural Achiever: The seven success characteristics common to all achievers. Seven steps you can employ for rapid goal achievement. Ten things that hold most back from achieving and how to overcome them. The 12 actions that will define your ability to continually reach your goals. How to overcome being "stuck on a plateau".
The Natural Leader: The six key qualities of top leaders. How to fast track your own leadership development. How to distinguish between leadership myths and realities. How to develop your own personalized leadership vision. How to persuade and win over others to your leadership vision.
The Natural Entrepreneur: The seven natural entrepreneurial instincts that we all possess. How your dominant natural instincts can help or hurt your business. The four levels of entrepreneurial performance. The five phases you will go through as an entrepreneur. How to make everything about your business better, naturally.
Selling Naturally: Learn how top producers deal with the emotional ups and downs of selling. Become "irresistible" during the sales process and turn into a trusted advisor. Do the one thing before sales calls that guarantees better performance. "Crack the code" in sales negotiations and dealing with today's sophisticated buyer. Use rapport-building strategies that create wildly lucrative accounts.


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Wenn Sie noch sich erst selten mit dem Thema 'success' beschäftigt haben, dann ist das Buch ok. Ansonsten ist es zu flach. Ich hab mich nicht geärgert, es somit auch zu Ende angehört (daher zwei Punkte), aber ein großer 'Bringer' war es eben nicht.
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- Ulrich

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.02.2012
  • Verlag: Taylor Insight