The Coming China Wars

  • von Peter Navarro
  • Sprecher: Stow Lovejoy
  • 8 Std. 13 Min.
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China's breakneck industrialization is placing it on a collision course with the entire world. Tomorrow's China Wars will be fought over everything from decent jobs, livable wages, and leading-edge technologies to strategic resources such as oil, copper, and steel, even food, water, and air. In The Coming China Wars, best-selling author Peter Navarro previews all these potential conflicts, and reveals the urgent, radical decisions that must be made to avoid catastrophe. You'll learn how China's thirst for oil is driving nuclear proliferation in Iran, genocide in the Sudan, even Japan's remilitarization. You'll discover China's shocking role in the drug trade and how its reborn flesh trade may help trigger tomorrow's worst AIDS crisis. Navarro also reveals how China has become the world's most ruthless imperialist; how it is promoting global environmental disaster; and, perhaps most terrifying of all, how this nuclear superpower and pirate nation may be spiraling toward internal chaos. The threat is real. We all must come to understand it and then act! Start here and now by arming yourself with the information and insights of The Coming China Wars.


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Japan had their ascendancy, as did South Korea, West Germany, and Taiwan. Now it is the People's Republic of China that is poised to outshine the rest of the world in its productivity and overall economic domination. In The Coming China Wars, Peter Navarro lays it all out, simply, and without bias. China is breaking into markets traditionally led by other industrial nations, whilst at the same time counterfeiting products that have a strong brand image. Drugs, electronics, clothes, you name it and China is producing it - and the rest of the world can either stagger under the blows or meet the challenge head on. The narration, by the wonderfully named Stow Lovejoy, is delivered in a business-minded, mid-toned American voice that you can listen to for hours on end without pain. It is very easy with a book where myriad facts are dealt out to get lost and confused, necessitating lots of rewinding to pick up the thread. I am happy to report that this does not happen here, in spite of the heavyweight subject matter. Mr. Navarro presents his evidence and arguments simply, and has divided the book into chapters that concentrate on one specific area at a time. I listened to the whole book in one sitting; such was the power of both content and narrator. I would recommend this book to everyone; not just those interested in world politics and economics, but also to those who think that their country has nothing to fear from the awakening dragon... --Brad Jackson, UK


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Dissapointing simplification

Superficially researched and not objectively interpreted. Pathetic conclusion of 'inevitable' China wars with US. It is time to bring this kind of discussion to a more cooperative/objective level between both sides of the pacific. In a potential China war, no winners are left but only loosers. The book is wether recommendable for info nor helpful for advise.
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- Al Mckay

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 23.10.2006
  • Verlag: Audible Studios