The Leadership Contract

  • von Vince Molinaro
  • Sprecher: Mark Whitten
  • 5 Std. 40 Min.
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Establish the terms and conditions of a "Leadership Contract" to ensure the success of your company.
Recent studies show that only 7 percent of employees have trust and confidence in their senior leaders. How can we ever get our organizations to succeed if so few employees believe in their senior leaders? The Leadership Contract explains why leadership, and specifically leadership culture, is the only real differentiator between the organizations that thrive and those that fall behind. This book explains how to establish a leadership contract that is fully understood and agreed upon by business leaders to ensure the success of their companies. The book lays out the four terms and conditions of the leadership contract and enlists leaders in making a conscious decision to lead, including the understanding that leadership is a decision, entails an obligation, is difficult, and requires a community.
Designed for top-level executives, mid-level managers, front-line leaders, and emerging leaders, the book identifies the shortcomings of current leadership methods and explains how to adopt new policies and mentalities to make you a better leader and ensure business success.
Author Vince Molinaro, Ph.D., CMC, is the author of two successful books, Leadership Solutions and The Leadership Gap, and is also a Certified Management Consultant.
Create the contract that ensures your leadership will take your organization to new heights.


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choose to lead

it why good leadership is important
and that in order to be a good leader you.must really choose to lead, and work.hard.
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- R. Andringa

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