The Fountainhead

  • von Ayn Rand
  • Sprecher: Christopher Hurt
  • 32 Std. 1 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


One of the 20th century's most challenging novels of ideas, The Fountainhead champions the cause of individualism through the story of a gifted young architect who defies the tyranny of conventional public opinion. The struggle for personal integrity in a world that values conformity above creativity is powerfully illustrated through three characters: Howard Roarke, the genius who is resented because he creates purely for the delight of his own work and on no other terms; Gail Wynand, the newspaper mogul and self-made millionaire whose power was bought by sacrificing his ideals to the lowest common denominator of public taste; and Dominique Francon, the devastating beauty whose desperate search for meaning has been twisted, through despair, into a quest to destroy the single object of her desire: Howard Roarke. Dramatic, poetic, and demanding, The Fountainhead remains one of the towering books on the contemporary intellectual scene.



"Ayn Rand is a writer of great power. She has a subtle and ingenious mind and the capacity of writing brilliantly, beautifully, bitterly." ( New York Times Book Review)


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Ein sehr gutes Buch

Sehr seltsam, dass es zu diesem super Buch noch keine Rezensionen gibt. Dann fange ich mal an.

Ich habe das Buch vor rund 10 Jahren gelesen und war damals schon begeistert. Das Buch hat aus meiner Sicht extremen Tiefgang und gehört zu den wenigen Büchern, die nicht nur unterhaltsam sind, sondern auf Jahre meine Gedankenwelt bewegt haben.

Es wird nicht das letzte Mal gewesen sein, dass ich das Buch gehört habe.

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- Marco


Real stuff starts only after 200 pages. Though I had the book since ten years, I never passed first 100 pages and thought another cheesy love story. I did not realise what I missed all these years.. A perspective! A very different perspective.. it's amazing to see a completely different definition of Ego... Really enjoyed every page of it. a must read for everyone.
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- Amazon Lover

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.11.2007
  • Verlag: Blackstone Audio, Inc.