The Glorious Bhagavad Gita Sung in English

  • von Sharon "Kumuda" Janis, Swami Nirmalananda Giri
  • Sprecher: Sharon "Kumuda" Janis
  • 2 Std. 36 Min.
  • Hörspiel


The Glorious Bhagavad Gita renders in English all eighteen chapters of this holy spiritual text from 3500 years ago, filled with esoteric and practical wisdom about a wide variety of life questions and experiences, recited to a meter and tune based on the Sanskrit version as sung by Anandamayi Ma.
The discourse takes place in the middle of a battle scene of the Mahabharata saga. As the Bhagavad Gita begins, the great warrior Arjuna is despondent to see his friends and relatives arrayed in battle before his chariot, intending to fight against his side in this war. In the midst of this dilemna, Arjuna refuses to fight and takes refuge in his friend Krishna, who then reveals his cosmic, universal form and teaches Arjuna the great wisdom of life, death, and enlightenment.
Chapter 1 sets the stage with names of all the warriors and instruments of war that were gathered before Arjuna on the battlefield, and the subsequent chapters elucidate the Bhagavad Gita teachings and wisdom.


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Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.08.2013
  • Verlag: Night Lotus Productions