Tom Jones, Volume 3

  • von Henry Fielding
  • Sprecher: Charlton Griffin
  • 12 Std. 11 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Volume 3 Tom Jones is greatly admired not only for the meticulous craft with which it was written, but also for its humor, objectivity, and penetrating psychological depth. It is without a doubt one of the great contributions to the English novel, and as such will always maintain a place of honor in world literature. Through the minute examination of the motives of his characters, Henry Fielding revealed many universal truths about human nature. That he could do so by employing the comic style of mock-heroic literature is all the more extraordinary. In Volume 3, we find our hero in London. Everything now comes to a crescendo of furious activity and comic missteps. Tom actively pursues Sophia, whom he loves desperately. However, his feelings are misrepresented to her by the wiles of Lady Bellaston, who desires Tom for herself. As other incidents pile into the plot, Tom finds himself becoming ever more estranged from his beloved Sophia. And when Squire Western and Blifil arrive, things look bleak indeed. However, it is always darkest before the dawn, and all's well that ends well.



"Fielding is generally agreed to be an innovating master of the highest originality....He devised what he described as 'comic epics in prose', which are in effect the first modern novels in English....[Tom Jones] is generally regarded as Fielding's greatest." (The Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature)


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Das zu den ersten beiden Teilen Gesagte gilt auch hier. Nette neue Charaktere kommen hinzu. Bewundernswert ist z. B., wie Griffin Lady Bellaston darstellt. Eigentlich ist dieses ein Hörbuch mit Hörspielanteilen. Sagenhaft, dass eine Person so viele Stimmen hat.
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- Rahand

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.05.2007
  • Verlag: Audio Connoisseur