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Okay, you might want to remove children under the age of nine from the room before listening to this brilliant album. When they turn 10, you might want to reconsider. Kids are going to learn this language sooner or later, so why not from George? It's Carlin's 12th comedy album, and most of it comes from his seventh HBO special Doin' It Again. Tracks:
1. Offensive Language
2. I Ain't Afraid Of Cancer
3. Some People Are Stupid
4. Rape Can Be Funny
5. Feminist Blowjob
6. Good Idea
7. Things You Never See
8. Things You Never Hear
9. Things You Don't Wanna Hear
10. Life's Little Moments
11. I Love My Dog
12. Organ Donor Programs
13. Don't Pull the Plug on Me
14. They're Only Words
15. Euphemisms
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