Anthology of Science Fiction, the Surreal, and the Other-Worldly (Dramatization)

  • von Clark Ashton Smith, C.L. Moore, Troy Cardines, more
  • Sprecher: Third Ear Radio Theater
  • 3 Std. 52 Min.
  • Hörspiel


Strange and chilling tales of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and the surreal. A unique blend of short stories for fans of all audio genres! Includes:

Master of the Crabs by Clarke Ashton Smith: Zothique is a dark world of mystery where luxurious ventures across dim landscapes abound, pitting strength and wisdom against powerful wizards and alien gods under a dying sun.
Black God's Kiss by C.L. Moore: Castle Joiry has been taken, and its commander brought before the conqueror. Jirel of Joiry refuses to surrender her home, and vows that her enemy's victory will cost him his life. She bids farewell to the world of treacherous men and walks of her own will into hell in search of revenge.
Dark Angel by Troy Cardines: Vampires lurk in dark places including the black space between the planets! An Interstellar Enforcer chases a vampire across the solar system, only to find the traditional methods of killing a vampire are not quite the same on the outskirts of Saturn!
Venus Cursed by Cindy Reed: Manifest Destiny in the solar system is accomplished with genetically-engineered people. Androids are developing an attitude, and humans are leaving their bodies. Enter Special Agent Dunn to sort it all out.
Taurus Horn by Ken Nolan: If you commit a crime in the future, your conviction is a one-way ticket to the most hostile world in the universe. Your host is Neptune-10. Try to stay on his good side.
Frozen in Time by Gary Gillett: Cryogenics seems like a good idea, but don't count on the world being a better place when you thaw out!
Quirt's Dream by David Burke: Sound with no source of meaning, sight without comprehension, shriveled cities with teams of human caricatures moving rapidly but nowhere at all... Visit the indescribable world within Quirt's dream.
Radio 2000: A unique collection of radio snippets providing a sneak peak into the warped side of radio's future.


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.06.2002
  • Verlag: Ziggurat Productions