• von Torsten Krol
  • Sprecher: Curt Skinner
  • 12 Std. 14 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Set in Kansas, described as a fast-paced tale exploring "America's dark heart" and combining everything from terrorists and torture to body parts in the freezer, Callisto is already acclaimed in the UK and in continental Europe, with rights sold in 12 languages and mounting. Odell Deefus may be a little dumb, but when he discovers a freshly dug grave at the back of Dean Lowry's house, he understands that it's intended for him. When he finds an old lady's corpse in the freezer, he knows that she has been murdered. And when the bomb in his car explodes, levelling every building in the vicinity, and Odell must suddenly hide the body of a terrorist, even he recognises that things are getting seriously weird. This blackly funny novel of our times follows what happens when Odell Deefus takes one wrong turn on the journey of his life and crashes into a world of oddballs, misfits, drug-dealers, religious fanatics and crooked cops, hypocrisy, torture, and bloody murder. In Callisto, Odell Deefus discovers a vast web of corruption and deceit leading to the dark heart of America.



"Authors don't come more enigmatic than Torsten Krol. He lives in Queensland, Australia, and Callisto is his second release. And that's about all that's known of him since he refuses to reveal his identity further, even to his publishers. Not that they likely care, so long as novels like this - a brilliantly succinct, dry and subtly hilarious comment on moder morailty - keep coming." (The List)


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Erstklassige Satire

Eins der Bücher, bei denen man jeden Satz genießt. Odell Deefus ist ein Held wie Forrest Gump, nicht übermäßig clever, ein bisschen zu naiv und gerade deswegen so liebenswürdig. Dieser Roman stellt die Anti-Terrorismus-Politik der USA in Frage oder lässt einen zumindest darüber nachdenken, was wäre, wenn da einer sitzt, der in der Tat unschuldig ist. Trotz des ernsten Themas ist es ein wahnsinnig witziges und erheiterndes Buch. Perfekt vorgelesen von Curt Skinner. Verdient für mich glatte 5 Sterne.
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- Ursula Hanses

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.08.2009
  • Verlag: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd