Critical Failures: Caverns and Creatures, Book 1 : Caverns and Creatures

  • von Robert Bevan
  • Sprecher: Jonathan Sleep
  • Serie: Caverns and Creatures
  • 8 Std. 3 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Tim and his friends find out the hard way that you shouldn't question the game master, and you shouldn't make fun of his cape.
One minute, they're drinking away the dreariness of their lives, escaping into a fantasy game and laughing their asses off. The next minute, they're in a horse-drawn cart surrounded by soldiers pointing crossbows at them.
Tim now has the voice and physique of a prepubescent girl. Dave finds that while he lost a foot or two in height, he somehow acquired a suit of armor and a badass beard. Julian's ears have grown ridiculously long and pointy. And Cooper... well Cooper has gotten himself a set of tusks, a pair of clawed hands, and a bad case of the shits. He also finds that he's carrying a bag with a human head in it - a head that he had chopped off when they were still just playing a game.
Shit just got real, and if they want to survive, these four friends are going to have to tap into some baser instincts they didn't even know existed in their fast-food and pizza delivery world.
It's fight, flight, or try to convince the people who are trying to kill them that they don't really exist.


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Gross and Obscene, but Funny enough

Jonathan Sleep is incredible. He makes this story come alive. Orcs, Dwarfs, Haflings, Elves, no matter what, you hear their voices und see them right in front of you. This story would not be half as funny without him.

And quite a story it is. You have to listen to extremely foul language, adolescent banter, gross and obscene jokes and a lot of pure nonsense. The narrative is based on role playing and being a player might help, but it is not a necessity. There is nothing serious here, it is just for fun. Regardless of all the blood and gore, the abundance of snot, excrement and pee and other disgusting details, I enjoyed the book and had fun reading it.

The story is bizarre right from the beginning. Four friends, Tim, Dave, Cooper and Julian meet in a chicken diner to get drunk and play “Caverns and Creatures”. Since none of them feels like being the game master, they invited a weird Dude to join them. It does not take long and they start to aggravate and tease the guy seriously, but that was a mistake. The next second they find themselves in a different place, a different world. They are in the game, but that is not all. Tim shrank to half the size and has a girlish voice, Dave became a dwarf with a huge beard, Cooper grew tusks, looks gross and is barely able to speak and Julian turned into an elf with pointed ears. Unfortunately the new world is a dangerous place, it is full of hostile people and crazy creatures, which would like to have them for dinner. But the worst thing is, they don’t have any idea, how to get back.

Some reviews compare Robert Bevan to Terry Pratchett, but Robert Bevan is not quite that good yet. The storyline is too erratic and inconsistent for that and after a while all this sophomoric banter appears to be quite repetitive.
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- BikerJoe

for fans of the genre

Neither story nor characters are as good as in e.g. the book "NPCs" and there's maybe a bit too much swearing and dude humour but all in all it was a light and fun read.
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- Jemand

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 02.09.2014
  • Verlag: Robert Bevan