Fire and Hail : Carlisle Cops

  • von Andrew Grey
  • Sprecher: Randy Fuller
  • Serie: Carlisle Cops
  • 6 Std. 29 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Brock Ferguson knew he might run into his ex-boyfriend, Vincent Geraldini, when he took his first job as a police officer in Carlisle. Vincent's attitude during a routine traffic stop reminds Brock why their relationship didn't last.
What Brock doesn't expect is finding two scared children in the trunk of a Corvette. He's also surprised to learn the kids' mother is Vincent's sister. But his immediate concern is the safety of the two children, Abey and Penny, and he offers to comfort and care for them when their mother is taken into custody.
Vincent is also shocked to learn what his sister has done. For the sake of the kids, he and Brock bury the hatchet - and soon find they have much more in common than they realized. With Abey and Penny's help, they grow closer, until the four of them start to feel like a family. But Vincent's sister and her boyfriend - an equal-opportunity jerk - could tear down everything they're trying to build.


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Review on Fire and Hail (Carlisle Cops 05)

Book 5 of this series made me really feel like coming „home“ to the Carlisle Cops and their daily adventures again.
At first I wanted to dismiss Vincent as just another jerk in a speeding sports car, leaving Brock with a broken heart when they were still at school. But soon Brock and we listeners find out that Vinnie is actually a real admirable and warm guy. He is clearly shocked to find out about his enstranged sister's latest derailing by stuffing her young children into the trunk of a car. Vinnie had no idea he was uncle to 5 year-old Abey and 3 year-old Penny. Without a second thought, and the support from Brock, Donald/Carter and the other officers, he sets everything possible in motion to become foster parent. The responsibility and safety for Abey &Penny pulls Vinnie and Brock together.Soon both men become each others solid rock in the turmoil of all the events as Vinnie's sister seems to be involved in drugs, too.

Randy Fuller has done a marvellous job again narrating this new episode of the Carlisle Cops. His portray of Vinnie is brilliant and so are all the kids! While Brock is level headed and very dedicated to his job, Vinnie is totally overrolled by the whole situation. It is endearing how Abey and Penny take to him and Brock.

Andrew Grey has created another great story of how to grab onto your second chance in life! Although there are some weird coincidences (one of Ronda's ex-boyfriends happened to be Brock's ex as well; the hairraising undercover job while being on sick-leave) the storyline moves at a steady, well thought through pace. The sexy scenes are hot but not overriding the rest and the character development of the well-known and new persons is filled with emotion and warmth.
I was a bit sad that Brock is the replacement for JD, who apparently has moved back south again. I must admit I had been looking forward to meeting JD and Fisher again with the other guys. Nevertheless Brock and Vincent with Abey & Penny make a great addition to the growing Carlisle Cops family!
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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 23.03.2017
  • Verlag: Dreamspinner Press LLC