Herbert West

  • von H. P. Lovecraft
  • Sprecher: Kevin Yancy, K. Anderson Yancy
  • 1 Std. 41 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Follow the horror of the career of Herbert West, as in medical school he seeks and fails with terrifying consequences to animate the "Graveyard's Cold Clay", to return the dead to life, continuing through his private practice as a physician where he finally learns to reanimate not only entire dead bodies, but parts, with horrendous consequences. SonicMovies are premium audios with strong vocal performances enhanced by music and sound effects to such an extent they sound like movies, hence, SonicMovies. Presented by Wollcott & Sheridan (WSAPL.com) / SonicMovie.net & K. Anderson Yancy.


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Nice Story

... but the hole thing is made really cheap. The Narrator tries hardly to sound like the whisperer in the darkness and sounds a bit silly. Unnecessary, often repeated Noises and Screams complete the Picture. Well, nice try but next time, please just read it.
Lesen Sie weiter...

- Lukas

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 16.07.2009
  • Verlag: SonicMovie.net