I Don't Know How She Does It

  • von Allison Pearson
  • Sprecher: Emma Fielding
  • 6 Std. 7 Min.
  • gekürztes Hörbuch


Meet Kate Reddy, hedge-fund manager and mother of two. She can juggle nine different currencies in five different time zones and get herself and two children washed and dressed and out of the house in half an hour. In Kate's life, Everything Goes Perfectly as long as Everything Goes Perfectly. She fakes homemade mince pies for her daughter's Christmas carols party; uses her cell phone in the office bathroom to procure a hamster for her daughter's Christmas gift; bribes and cajoles her nanny so she won't quit; and avoids sex with her husband so she can skip a shower in the morning, get to work early and answer emails.In a novel that is at once uproariously funny and achingly sad, Allison Pearson captures the guilty secret lives of working women - the self-recrimination, the comic deceptions, the giddy exhaustion, the despair - as no other writer has. Kate Reddy's conflict - How are we meant to pass our days? How are we to reconcile the two passions, work and motherhood, that divide our lives? - gets at the private absurdities of working motherhood with humor, drama, and bracing wisdom.


Beschreibung von Audible

The book was wonderful, especially for a full-time working mom like myself. I waited very long to listen to something that spoke to me about the subject in an intelligent and entertaining way. The audio version is very well done – an excellent example of a perfect voice. (Shoshana, VP of Marketing)



"Delightfully fast moving and breathlessly readable, with dozens of laugh-aloud moments and many tenderly touching ones." (Publishers Weekly)
"A rare and beautiful hybrid: a devastatingly funny novel that's also a compelling fictional world." (Amazon.com)
"A compelling manifesto on the plight of working mothers that manages to be both angry and funny." (Booklist)


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Enttäuschendes Ende. Mutti geht doch zurück an den Herd. Pööh, naja. Fiel mir erst unterwegs auf, dass ich das Buch in der Deutschen Version unter "Working Mum" schon kannte.
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- Sil

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.10.2002
  • Verlag: Random House Audio