Pharaoh : Egyptian

  • von Wilbur Smith
  • Sprecher: Mike Grady
  • Serie: Egyptian
  • 13 Std. 48 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


The worldwide number one best seller.
Wilbur Smith returns to ancient Egypt in a captivating new novel that will transport you to extraordinary times.
Egypt is under attack. Pharaoh Tamose lies mortally wounded. The ancient city of Luxor is surrounded. All seems lost.
Taita prepares for the enemy's final fatal push. The ex-slave, now general of Tamose's armies, is never more ingenious than when all hope is dashed. And this is Egypt's most desperate hour.
With the timely arrival of an old ally, the tide is turned, and the Egyptian army feasts upon its retreating foe. But upon his victorious return to Luxor, Taita is seized and branded a traitor. Tamose is dead, and a poisonous new era has begun. The new Pharaoh has risen.
Pharaoh Utteric is young, weak and cruel and threatened by Taita's influence within the palace - especially his friendship with Utteric's younger and worthier brother, Ramases. With Taita's imprisonment, Ramases is forced to make a choice: help Taita escape and forsake his brother or remain silent and condone Utteric's tyranny. To a good man like Ramases, there is no choice. Taita must be set free, Utteric must be stopped and Egypt must be reclaimed.
From the glittering temples of Luxor to the citadel of Sparta, Pharaoh is an intense and powerful novel magnificently transporting you to a time of threat, blood and glory. Master storyteller Wilbur Smith is at the very peak of his powers.



Praise for Wilbur Smith:
"Best historical novelist - I say Wilbur Smith." (Stephen King)
"No one does adventure quite like Smith." ( Daily Mirror)
Praise for the Egyptian series:
"Superlatively evocative.... Smith's descriptions hardly falter over 500 pages and [River God] has relentless momentum." (Observer)
"Big, brave and blockbusting...brilliantly detailed descriptions of life on the Nile." (Mail on Sunday)
"Grand mythical material...the set pieces are fabulous." (Times Literary Supplement)
"High adventure...there is never a lull in his majestic novel overflowing with passion, rage, treachery, barbarism, prolonged excitement and endless passages of sheer, exquisite colour." (The Washington Post)
"A rich, compelling look back in time [to] when history and myth intermingled." (San Francisco Chronicle)
"A grand tale of intrigue, deception, true love and exile." (Denver Post)
"An epic of sex, death and intrigue in the Valley of the Kings...richly written...packs in the action...excellent." (Weekend Telegraph)


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Wilbur Smith ist einer der großen Meister des Schreibens! In der Originalen Sprache Englisch, sind seine Bücher am Besten. Geschichte voller Spannung, Liebe und Kampf gewebt. Der Sprecher hat eine sehr passende Stimme für die Geschichte. Eine die man Stunden zuhören kann ohne genervt zu werden. Meiner Meinung nach ist Wilbur Smith ein Künstler der Sprache. Er malt ein Gemälde in Kopf des Lesers/Zuhörers. Wie alle seine Bücher, ist man traurig wenn das Buch zu Ende ist.
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Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 22.09.2016
  • Verlag: HarperCollins Publishers Limited