Point of Ignition

  • von Erin Dutton
  • Sprecher: Hope Newhouse
  • 5 Std. 57 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Arson investigation is not exactly what firefighter Kate Chambers signed up for. But she doesn't have a choice when an injury forces her off the engine and into the office. Her first case, a fire at a downtown bar, is a clear-cut instance of insurance fraud, or so she thinks.
But the property co-owner and prime suspect, Alexi Clark, won't go quietly to jail for a crime she didn't commit. Soon Alexi is fighting both the false charges against her and an unexpected attraction to the investigator determined to prove them.
Amid a blaze that threatens to consume them both, Kate and Alexi redefine love and trust.


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Review on 'Point of Ignition' by Erin Dutton

After an accident firefighter Kate Chambers has to change into arson investigation. Despite her new colleagues being very supportive, she struggles with the transfer. The fire at an up-scale sports bar is clearly an insurance fraud and should be an easy first case for her. All is pointing towards co-owner Alexi Clark. But the second both women meet, Kate knows something is not right with the found evidences.
Her bar „In left field“ had been Alexi's life and memory tribute to her deseased beloved father. Standing in the burnt down ruins Alexi is determined to find out who did set the fire and why, and she needs to fight that strong, totally unexpected attraction to Kate. Can they trust each other and become closer without getting burnt ?

Erin Dutton`s writing style is fluent, her story is well structured and her MC s vividly described. The fire case is not overpowering the emotional development of Kate& Alexi, although the romance part has been a bit too quiet with not many sparks flying for my personal taste. The story feels close to reality, and I felt like tagging along with them, trying to solve the case and being as shocked about the culprit in the end. I liked Kate's EMT-friend lightening the otherwise grave mood, but I had a big problem with Alexi being an unstable alcohol addict.

Hope Newhouse has done a marvellous job narrating this story and lending the two MC s her voice. Her interpretation of Kate and Alexi sounds fresh and natural, both are clearly to tell apart. She also fits each side character with a special voice, no matter if it is the homeless witness, Kate's colleage or Alexi's best friends. The combination of Mrs Dutton's writing and Mrs Newhouse's voice talent turns the story into a sound,entertaining 6 hour listening time!
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- iris

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.08.2016
  • Verlag: Bold Strokes Books Inc