The Downs

  • von Kim Fielding
  • Sprecher: K.C. Kelly
  • 3 Std. 37 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


As the son of a wealthy man, Enitan Javed has spent his life frivolously - drinking, fighting, and making love. But after his father dies, Enitan is unjustly accused of murdering him and is given the harshest sentence possible. Judged irredeemable, he is banished to the Downs. As even young children know, nothing lives in the Downs except demons who delight in torturing the condemned. Brutalized by the men who transport him to his fate, Enitan has nothing left but his thirst for vengeance.
His plummet to the Downs nearly kills him, and Enitan finds himself battered and helpless in a frightening, mysterious land. But many surprises await him there, including a strange man named Rig. And the realization that the demons he must face aren't at all the ones he expected.


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Mal was anderes...

An eine vergleichbare Story kann ich mich nicht erinnern. Sehr faszinierend.
Der Beginn mit Enitans Verurteilung und Leidensweg in die Downs hat mich aufgrund der Ungerechtigkeit und Brutalität aufgewühlt.
Wie Enitan und Rig sich dann sehr langsam näher kommen, war spannend zu verfolgen. Das Ende ist dann irgendwie verständlich aber irgendwie auch unbefriedigend. Deshalb nur 4 Sterne.
Der Sprecher macht einen tollen Job. Vor allem Rigs Dialekt ist sehr passend für den Charakter. Ich werde gleich mal schauen, was er noch so gelesen hat.
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- Nico

Dragonfish & Trancebeetles, what a magical story!

In an urban utopia world of stone and steel Enitan Javed has lived the carefree life of a rich son, until he is accused of murdering his father. He is sentenced into exile to The Downs, a land below the sharp edge of a featueless grassland surrounding the city. Everyone knows there is no return from The Downs where demons torture the prisoners forever. His fall nearly kills him and Enitan lies critically injured in a mysterious new world, helpless to Rig`s treatment. The Downs are nothing like Enitan expected. Can Rig heal his body and his wounded, lonely soul, or is Enitan's thist for revenge against his older sister stronger? Will there be a second chance for both men?

Kim Fielding has done it again! With just a few words she has created an alternate world and two unusual heros finding healing, redemption and true love after batteling terrible challanges. The cover pic is already as poweful as the beginning, it sucks you right along with Enitan towards The Downs and to Rig ,who reminded me of kind hearted,gentle,big Brute. Spellbound by all those strong contrasts and surprising turns in the storyline I could not put the story down. The punishment becomes Enitan's biggest chance of meeting tender love and starting a purposeful new life, while he has to look for the real „demons“ somewhere else. I am simply amazed how Mrs Fielding always manages to pack so many complex themes and strong emotions in just a short story! I love her novellas, they always make for a most satisfying reading break that lingers!

I think K.C.Kelly has outdone himself with narrating The Downs. His voice interpretations of Enitan and especially Rig are simply stunning! Giving Rig a soft Scottish accent fits perfectly to his gentle, caring nature and sets him clearly apart from confused, slowly healing Enitan. Thanks to Mr. Kelly's fluid and warm narration, even the dangerous Downs became more vivid with the deep forest, trancebeetles and dragonfish in the pond and those acid clouds above than when I read this part. His great narration clearly has enhanced Mrs.Fieldings already poweful story by tenfold, making the audio book my favourite version of „The Downs“ to enjoy and re-listen again and again!
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- iris

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 30.09.2016
  • Verlag: Phyllis B. Gerstenfeld