The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

  • von Claire North
  • Sprecher: Peter Kenny
  • 12 Std. 8 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


Harry August is on his deathbed. Again. No matter what he does or the decisions he makes, when death comes, Harry always returns to where he began, a child with all the knowledge of a life he has already lived a dozen times before. Nothing ever changes. Until now. As Harry nears the end of his eleventh life, a little girl appears at his bedside.
'I nearly missed you, Doctor August,' she says. 'I need to send a message.' This is the story of what Harry does next, and what he did before, and how he tries to save a past he cannot change and a future he cannot allow.



"An astonishing re-invention of the time-travel narrative. Bold, magical and masterful" (M. R. Carey, author of The Girl With All the Gifts)"A thoughtful and considered time-travel novel, shocking twists and, most important of all, a beautiful character. Harry August will break your heart fifteen times" (Jared Shurin, Pornokitsch Blog)
This wonderful novel, narrated by Harry, ranges back and forth in time as he recounts episodes from his various lives, but it's all held together by a compelling mystery involving nothing less than the end of the world itself . . . Beautifully written and structured, the book should be a big hit . . . Fans of SF and fantasy authors China Mieville, Christopher Priest, and Adam Roberts might note a stylistic similarity, especially in the novel's elegant prose. Whoever Claire North turns out to be, he or she has written a remarkable book" (Booklist)
"Gripping" (Sun)
"A truly extraordinary novel: an impeccable portrait of a friendship tortured by time in which masterful character and fantastic narrative come together to tremendous effect" (TOR.COM)
"A brave, genre-defying novel, which is mind-blowing in its originality and bold concept . . . Stunning!" (NOVELICIOUS)
"Part unique and intriguing mystery, part philosophical look at life, memory and time travel this story kept me totally gripped from the opening words to the mind-blowing finale" (BITE THE BOOK)
"The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is an extraordinary novel, as the publicity has promised" (The Speculative Scotsman)


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Remarkable new British SF

This is one of the few positive surprises in new SF stories available. It feels, in terms of depth and expression, like a mix of Old School SF (e.g. Bradbury) and the modern variants (e.g. Iain Banks).

The story is complex and well told, using a classic SF method: What if everything is the same, but just one minor fact has changed? Some people, after dying, reincarnate into their own body at the time of birth - struggling with the incapabilities of babyhood, but still knowing about their previous live. Some of them even can remember EVERYTHING they've gone through before.

It unfolds into a tale of friendship, hubris and dystopia.

This book is a masterpiece and well read, too (OK - maybe I'm slightly biased, because Peter Kenny read most of Iain Banks' books to me). I'm really looking forward to reading (listening to) the other books from this very talented author.
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- Ingo Guenther

Good story in theory...

Good story in theory, but the delivery was very confusing and hard to follow sometimes.
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- Youknowthebo

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 08.04.2014
  • Verlag: Hachette Audio UK