The Shattered Door

  • von Brandon Witt
  • Sprecher: Andrew McFerrin
  • 11 Std. 51 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


After a tortured childhood and years of soul-searching, Brooke Morrison has finally settled into a comfortable life. While his sexuality prohibits him from practicing his degree in youth ministry in a church setting, he has found a fulfilling job as a youth counselor at a residential treatment facility in Colorado. He falls in love, marries the man of his dreams, and makes peace with God. He's happy.
Then his buried past drags him back to the Ozarks.
The life Brooke has worked so hard to build is crumbling in his hands in the face of painful memories and past abuse, and his confidence is withering. In El Dorado Springs, where his nightmares come to life, Brooke desperately seeks closure life doesn't offer. Brooke must find value in himself, in his marriage, and in the world around him - and create the hope and perseverance to keep his past from swallowing him whole.


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Mixed feelings

I'm still on the fence about this book.

On the one hand I enjoyed the writing and wanted to know what happened next.
On the other hand...there were so many things that personally annoyed me, so that I had partly to struggle to come through the plot.

My main issue was a religion topic. Not that I WASN'T prepared. I had read the blurb and skimmed through some reviews before I picked up this book, but I honestly didn't expect it to be in THIS FORM. I expected rather a big fat secret hidden deeply in the past of our MC that suddenly would be discovered and make his well-ordered life to a living hell. No, that wasn't the case.

It was religion on the daily basis. Let me explain: Brooke returned to his hometown for family reasons. In El Dorado Springs the church rules the world. And to such an extent that borders on incredibility and ludicrousness. It seems, the only concern ALL citizens of this small community have in their lives, is to be good Christians. I think this phrase was like in every second sentence in the second part of the book. What century are we living in? I can't imagine a church could have so much power and control over people every day's lives, but I'm not from the USA: Other countries, other customs.

To be both, a good Christian and gay, is difficult, but possible. And Brooke tried to prove it with all his positive power and mood, excellent principles and good intentions. He didn't succeed. What one needed to convince the population of El Dorado Springs was only a single(view spoiler)

I hate the ending.Because of Donnie. Because I didn't understand it. Why? It didn't match with the story-line. Did it teach us
...that sex before marriage is BAD? It is why God punished a sinner?! What message did this deadly car accident deliver?! No idea.
All in all I found the narrative by Andrew McFerrin okay, but his way to present the old ladies was horrible. Unfortunately there were MANY OLD LADIES in this book. I'd prefer he kept his normal voice for the old women, and didn't try to sound like (an) old witch(es) instead.

All in all, despite my list of issues, I was invested in the story and I found the idea with the shattered door very beautiful and symbolical.

I still hope to find a book by Brandon Witt that will satisfy all my criteria.
The one of the important ones he has already met.
Lesen Sie weiter...

- LenaRibka

Weitere Infos zum Titel

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.08.2015
  • Verlag: Dreamspinner Press LLC