Clean Eating is Eating Clean

  • von Amber Flannery
  • Sprecher: Patricia Santomasso
  • 1 Std. 9 Min.
  • ungekürztes Hörbuch


A proven step-by-step guide to eating clean from home recipes to on-the-go fast food options
Clean Eating is beginning to gain not only popularity but also recognition.
With support from various health experts, personal trainers, and celebrity endorsers, Clean Eating has become the choice for achieving the desired and ideal status of health and well-being. Among the many diet fads and trends, Clean Eating occupies unique and refreshing recommendations for the way we eat.
Unlike many diets, Clean Eating's claim to fame is because it is not a diet at all. In fact, it is an overall lifestyle choice that is very inclusive, flexible, and friendly to both health and taste. While other diets give absolute restrictions, Clean Eating, except for one rule, allows tolerance. While other diets are rigid in their proportions and ingredients, Clean Eating is more lenient. While other diets are unforgiving of failure, Clean Eating is open to changes and creativity.
By listening to Clean Eating is Eating Clean, you will learn:

What is Clean Eating?
Benefits of the Clean Eating lifestyle
Financial benefits of eating clean
Vegetarian, vegan, and meat lover recipes
Staying safe and eating healthy at fast food restaurants
Grocery store shopping preparation
A getting started checklist
FAQ and best practices
Remember, a Clean Eating lifestyle is not a fantasy that you could only dream of but it is a reality that you can truly fulfill.
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zu viele Rezepte

es gibt Bücher , die sind einfach nicht als audiobook geeignet! da in diesem Buch sehr viele Rezepte aufgeführt werden habe ich gefühlte 14 von 15 Kapiteln übersprungen! wenn jemand stenno beherrscht, kann er eventuell mitschreiben aber der essentielle Teil, sprich die Einführung in den Ernährungsstil kann man so sicherlich auch im Internet nachlesen!
Da kann dann auch die sympathische Sprecherin die Kalorienangaben nicht spannender darbieten als sie sind.
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- Sina-Denise

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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 29.05.2015
  • Verlag: Amber Flannery