How to Lose Weight Fasting

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How to Lose Weight Fasting: The Diabetes Diet Solution is a complete step-by-step instruction manual on how to lose weight fast and cure Type 2 Diabetes by fasting every alternate day. The author did this after watching a video by Dr. Jason Fung who has cured over 200 patients by simply recommending this new way of life. He lost over 40 pounds in just eight weeks and his diabetes is now gone. This book explains how fasting can accomplish all of this and much more but only if you have the determination and the supplementation to allow your body to work through the physical and psychological issues that always accompany any prolonged dieting. The author sees this new way of dieting as a simple change in how one looks at food, how one looks at life, and how one learns to do more with less. Fasting is also a spiritual enhancement and the author explains how fasting completely changes your body as well as your mind. Fasting also reverses the cause of Type 2 Diabetes which has long ago been known to be caused by the body building up a resistance to insulin. Fasting allows the body to lose this resistance to insulin so that the energy that has been stored in the fat cells around one's middle starts to come out of the same fat cells and is burned, thus losing weight. Fasting is not for the faint-hearted, however, and the author freely admits that he has tried this before and failed. Because of some new discoveries in vitamin, mineral, enzyme, and other nutrient supplementation, the book explains in very great detail just exactly what the average person needs to ingest daily to overcome the hunger pangs. When the body is getting sufficient nutrients, it no longer feels the panic of starvation and does not report to the brain that the patient is near death. This allows the patient to continue fasting until they are cured.


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This book is a promotion Book for authors web site and his piece of multi-level-marketing company . This company is basically pyramid scheme , promising money and miracle liquid vitamins and or nutrients that will change your and your customers life. These things almost never works and real nutrition can never be compared to something in a bottle. Information in this book is basicly author copy pasting information that he researched from google. For example Google "Lemon health benefits" and read what's written in first few pages and you will know what's in this book. He is reading the book out loud by himself, with not very good audio quality and in very monotone voice . I rather would my pc read it out loud than him with all the commercials that are at the end of every chapter. Simply the worst purchase I ever made.
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- Anvi Green

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