Intermittent Fasting

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Looking for a way to live a healthier you?
Intermittent fasting is gaining popularity as a method to lose weight and feel healthier. Fasting is something that has long been done by humans, either because food was not readily available, or for religious reasons. Many people consider periods of fasting to be more natural than eating three or four meals per day, every day. The human body is designed to function without eating for much greater periods of time.
The main concept of intermittent fasting is combining periods of not eating with periods of eating.
Think about fasting as a method of cleansing your body. Your body scavenges your body for free radicals and damaged cells during these periods and recycles them to conserve energy.
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What is fasting?
Who should fast?
Methods of fasting
Intermittent fasting training
Food recommendations
How to find the perfect intermittent fasting method?
Tips to stay motivated
And much, much more

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Very good and profound

I can fully recommend this book. it starts with the newest insights in biochemestry and ends up with a practical method guide for diffrent fasting types and shows clearly advantages and disadvantages for all of them.
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- nicoletta

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  • Verlag: Harry Wells