Intermittent Fasting for Women

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Would you like to know how to shed the pounds or maintain your physique without resorting to dieting methods or cutting out your favorite foods?
Do you have a busy lifestyle that prevents you from working out?
Then try out intermittent fasting and see if it is for you!
When you think of fasting, do you think of it as people going hungry as part of some religious ritual or just plain starving themselves? Well intermittent fasting is different than that! You can still eat the same foods you like and as much as you like, the difference is that you simply hold off on eating for specific time periods during the day, which allows you to burn fat effectively since your body will not have incoming calories to use as energy or store as fat! Did you know when you are sleeping you are fasting? Because you can't eat! From this book you will learn many different ways to fast and an in-depth understanding of how it works!
In parts of this informative and practical guidebook you will learn:

How intermittent fasting works, and how it can help you shed pounds without resorting to fancy and gimmicky dieting methods!
The honest upsides and downsides of using this program!
How intermittent fasting affects women, many different ways of fasting, and what you should know to ensure healthy results!
Specific methods such as The Lean Gains, The Warrior Diet, Eat-Stop-Eat, Fat Loss Forever, and more!
A FAQ section from an expert intermittent fasting blogger!
And how you can use exercise with fasting and structure it for even better results!
And more!


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