Intuitive Eating

  • von Evelyn Tribole, Elyse Resch
  • Sprecher: Evelyn Tribole, Elyse Resch
  • 4 Std. 14 Min.
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Find Your Intuitive Eater Within - and Never Diet Again
Has food become your enemy? Now you can call a truce by consulting the one expert you can really trust - your own body. In this original audio program based on their popular book Intuitive Eating and updated with new practices and techniques, nutrition therapist Elyse Resch and dietitian Evelyn Tribole give you all the ammunition you need to get off the roller coaster of chronic dieting and heal your relationship with food. Guided by their 10 groundbreaking principles, you will learn to awaken your Intuitive Eater within by:

Challenging the "food police" mind-set and creating a new, healthy inner dialogue
Deciphering your body's physical and emotional hunger signals
Discovering the Satisfaction Factor to build a sensual and mindful relationship with food
Honoring your body through physical movement, lifestyle, and self-respect

"Diets rely on 'willpower' to try to forcefully control your body and eating habits," Resch and Tribole explain. "Being an Intuitive Eater is about allowing your body, psyche, and spirit to work in harmony for the same goal." With Intuitive Eating, you can finally end your battle with body image, renew the healthy relationship with food with which you were born, and reach the healthy weight that is right for you.


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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 23.11.2015
  • Verlag: Sounds True