Lower Your Blood Sugar

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This book is about learning new and creative ways to decrease your blood sugar levels. Not only does it teach ways to lower blood sugar, but it explains what blood sugar is and what it does in a way that will hit home.
It's like the old adage "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Rather than fighting the facts, you will be able not only to face them but to embrace them as well.
What if I told you that the tips to lowering blood sugar found in this book can actually make your life better than it was before you ever had the condition? It's true. The suggestions found in this book promote eating well, living well, and being well.
Many people who have learned to manage and lower their blood sugar using the methods in this book are almost glad they had the problem, so they could find life-changing solutions. Maybe you are down and out. Your life has become unmanageable, your sugar is out of control, and you don't feel you can go on this way. Then, within this book, you find that there are groups, through the National Diabetes Association, that were created for people just like you. In the groups you find solace and meet wonderful new friends. That's just one of the many scenarios that may become your new reality, all because you let the words of this book into your heart and into your life.
In this book, you get down-to-earth information you can understand, practical ideas on lowering your blood sugar that you will actually use, and so much more. The suggestions found within will not only lower your blood sugar but may very well change your entire life as well. Life is not over just because you are diabetic. Perhaps it has just begun. Be encouraged, and be well!


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