Stop Chronic Fatigue: How To Get Your Life Back

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is one of the most frequently diagnosed “mystery” conditions. More than one million Americans suffer from CFS and those numbers are on the rise. This illness strikes more people than multiple sclerosis, lupus, and many forms of cancer. CFS occurs four times more frequently in woman than men.
Why is CFS on the rise?
Is this some kind of epidemic or has CFS become the catch all diagnosis for health conditions when you experience fatigue and pain and they can't figure out what else is wron g with you? A syndrome is by definition a group of symptoms that consistently occur together. So, in truth, chronic fatigue is not really a disease just a bunch of symptoms. These symptoms can be life threatening and debilitating.
So the question remains, what is causing all these symptoms? Is it diet, diseases, environmental factors, or all of the above? Sadly the health care arena has more questions than answers. These unanswered questions can leave CFS sufferers feeling hopeless and resolved to the fact that they may have to live with these debilitating symptoms the rest of their life. You do not have to let these symptoms control your life. There are both traditional and nontraditional treatment methods that help you figure out the root causes of your CFS symptoms and to manage these symptoms.


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