The ABC of Better Sleep

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Sleep is the most wonderful, precious and healing process. When was the last time you had a great night's sleep? Working in collaboration with the London Sleep Centre, in Harley Street W1, London, Max Kirsten, a leading sleep specialist, has now developed his own unique hypnotic relaxation sleep protocols, based on working with many of his patients with sleep/insomnia difficulties. If you are one of those people who find it hard to fall asleep - or to stay asleep - this sleep program will give you the help and guidance you have been looking for by teaching you to find a wonderful, restful and natural night’s sleep, every night.
This program is also designed to help shift workers and those who travel across time zones - those who have disruptive sleep patterns - to achieve restful periods of sleep that suit their schedule.
Imagine being able to fall asleep without any stress or anxieties, feeling comfortable and relaxed. Knowing that you will be able to drift into a deep sleep and feel refreshed upon waking.
This treatment program not only gives you a deeply hypnotic relaxing session, it also teaches you the techniques that you must practice regularly, to create the habit of falling asleep and staying asleep easily, effortlessly and naturally.
Remember, that even after only four hours, the brain has gained many of the important benefits of sleep. Don’t worry about getting eight hours sleep, the quality of sleep is more important. Achieve efficient deep sleep rather than worry about the amount.
Max Kirsten is an internationally renowned and highly qualified clinical hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP. Max holds a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (SQHP) through the General Hypnotherapy Register (The GHR). Note: This sleep program is not suited for people with a phobia of water. Instead use his companion sleep program, The Insomnia Cure with Max Kirsten.



"It's amazing! I used to have sleep problems, but since listening to Max Kirsten's Sleep Insomnia programs on my iPod... now I sleep so much better." (Dougray Scott, Actor)


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