The Ketogenic Diet for Athletes

  • von Charlotte Campbell
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The ketogenic diet is gaining increasing popularity. And with good reason: it is easy to implement, is not complex and is highly effective. It has been well researched and has produced consistent results since the 1920s.
The Ketogenic Diet for Athletes explores the remarkable amount of evidence of health and performance benefits derived from the diet then specifically applies that to athletes. Whether you are an amateur or professional, you already know that what you eat is directly related to your performance and recovery.
The ketogenic diet will help you optimize your diet for top athletic performance, improved health, and longevity.
You will discover how you can:

Teach your body to prioritize burning fat as fuel (instead of sugars)
Reduce your reliance on sugary gels during endurance training and events
Reduce stomach cramps during long races
Effortlessly lose body fat without feeling hungry
How to train effectively to access abundant body fat stores
Improve your concentration during the day without the sugar crash
Reduce your risk for chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease and stroke
And much more

Charlotte Campbell is a triathlete, coach, and author and provides a fascinating discussion from her experience, that of her clients and many case studies of top endurance athletes who have switched to the ketogenic diet and as a result have dramatically improved their performance and their health.
Get this book to lose fat, gain energy, and perform better in all aspects of your life. Highly recommended!


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