The Raw Vegan Bible

  • von Dr. David "Greens" Conner
  • Sprecher: Matt Stone
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Perfect Skin. Perfect Health. Perfect Life.
It's a proven fact that people who eat a raw vegan diet live longer, never age, and make approximately a million dollars or more each year (eat more greens, make more green). Now you, too, can learn the secrets of the perfect human diet in The Raw Vegan Bible by esteemed author (and super cool musician), Dr. David "Greens" Connor. Learn why enzymes are the key to increasing vitality and raising your Kundalini energy. Discover the secrets of superfoods and begin to have super poop (yes, it's true, you'll even get more comfortable with your poop after listening to this audiobook!).
SAD is Sad
The Standard American Diet is killing us all, as evidenced by the death of the author's elderly grandfather. If only he had known to eat a 100 percent raw vegan diet, he could have lived forever. So which will you choose? Chicken nuggets and cancer or kale and perfect health? The choice here should be obvious, but if it's not yet clear, "Greens" gives some excellent examples in the book of people who have healed from all sorts of unpleasant diseases by just eating raw.
Zebras Don't Cook and Neither Should You
Ever wonder why wild animals never get degenerative diseases? It's because they don't have stoves! Our hands were designed to pluck fruit off of trees, not to hold a spatula. Get back to nature and discover the glowing abundance available to you when you eschew all of the food all of the people around you are eating. (I mean, come on, you don't really want to look like them, do you?) The Raw Vegan Bible will teach you the way of perfect health, so you can be in alignment with all the other species on the planet. No more fire for you, you caveman. Humans have evolved.


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